LifeSaver, a LifeLine Repairs company, provides you with peace of mind whether you need a phone screen repair, LCD replacement, water damage analysis or any of our other services.

Our commitment to our members

Our goal is not just to fix devices quickly and effectively, it is also to build a lasting relationship with each and every member. When you choose LifeSaver for your phone, tablet or computer repair, we’ll treat you like our own family. Your membership with us means you never have to wonder how you’ll get your phone fixed when it breaks. We’re here to be your lifeline.

Fast & easy smartphone repairs

Our reputation is built on helping people get their phones back up and running through outstanding customer service, effective repairs and innovative solutions.

Smartphones are our lifelines to the world – they’ve got our entire lives on them! Don’t let a shattered screen or broken device get you down – and don’t give up your phone for weeks for a repair. With LifeSaver, you can count on our knowledgeable technicians to handle your device with care.

Our Locations

We service all versions of iPhones and brands of smartphones at our locations throughout the United States.

Adding new locations all the time!