Saving Money on iPhone Screen Repair TechySave

Saving Money on iPhone Screen Repair TechySave

The importance of iPhone screen repair cannot be overstated. The screen is the most important part of the iPhone since we interact with the device through the screen. Any damage to the screen can be useless to the valuable, useful iPhone. 

The Most Common reasons for iPhone screen damage include dropping the phone, accidental falls, and screen impact from hard objects. The screen of the iPhone gets scratched and cracked under significant pressure from a tight pocket or bag.

It is essential to repair the screen as soon as possible by a certified technician to avoid problems and protect the device’s usability and functionality. In this post, we have focused on how to save money on iPhone screen repair. And how a money-saving phone protection plan is helpful to save money in repairing and replacing your cell phone. 

iPhone Screen Repair Process

There are a variety of iPhone screens available in the market, each has unique features and specifications. The most commonly used screens are LCD and OLED.

The screen repair process involves several components, including the replacement of the glass, digitizer, backlight, and LCD/OLED display.  In many cases, repairing a broken screen will require a full assembly replacement, which means that all components must be replaced together. 

While screen repair is a common issue for iPhone users, it is vital to seek the best option to repair the iPhone screen correctly at a cheap cost.

There are different types of options for iPhone screen repair such as  Apple Store, authorized service providers, third-party repair shops

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

There are a variety of factors that affects the cost of iPhone screen repair. 

  • One of the most significant factors is the iPhone model and generation. Most new models tend to be more expensive to repair due to the complexity of their design and the cost of replacement parts.
  • The second major factor is Screen size and technology. A simple crack or scratch can be fairly inexpensive to fix, but more extensive damage may require a complete screen replacement, resulting in a higher cost.
  • The third factor is the region where you live, and it plays a vital role to determine iPhone screen repair costs.

Apple’s Official iPhone Screen Repair Costs

Apple’s official iPhone screen repair costs are so high that they are not easy to bear. Although you will get a better iPhone screen repair service from there, the repair cost of the iPhone is unbearable. If you are a student, it is expensive to bear the cost of repairing an iPhone. In the following section, you will find the prices of iPhone-screen repairs.

Authorized Service Provider iPhone Screen Repair Costs

Authorized service provider repair costs are as higher than third-party repairs. These providers often use high-quality, genuine parts that are specifically designed for your device. They also take high servicing fees due to give the benefits. 

Third-Party Repair Shop iPhone Screen Repair Costs

Third-party repair shop for iPhone screen repair costs is popular with all due to their ability to offer cost-effective repairs for electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. But if you are not conscious of phone protection, you will face problems in the future. So you should care about the phone to protect it in the future.

TechySave iPhone Screen Repair Costs

TechySave is a membership club to protect your devices like a mobile by providing cell phone protection plans. Techysave mission is saving money on iPhone screen repair.

Look at the following comparison between TechySave phone protection plans and iPhone screen repair costs and Apple’s Official iPhone-Screen Repair Costs and plan.

Comparison TechySave Apple
Cell phone protection plan
$7.95 per month
$29 per month
iPhone 14
Screen Repair $189.99
Screen Repair $279
iPhone 14 Pro
Screen Repair $333.99
Screen Repair $339
iPhone 14 Pro Max
Screen Repair $350.99
Screen Repair $379
iPhone 14 Plus
Screen Repair $327.99
Screen Repair $329

 Tips for Reducing iPhone Screen Repair Costs

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of a cracked or shattered screen. You also give expensive to repair. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you reduce your iPhone screen- repair costs.

  • Invest in a quality screen protector and case to prevent damage in the first place.
  • Preparation for third-party repair services or DIY kits instead of going directly to Apple. 
  • Consider purchasing a membership club for phone protection or a warranty that covers accidental damage


We are at the end of our post. We have already focused on saving money on iPhone screen repair from a different aspect. You can join a membership club to protect your phone by receiving cellphone protection plans. TechySave is the best cell phone protection membership club. They are waiting to protect your valuable iPhone screen and are ready to repair your iPhone screen at a low cost.

FAQ for iPhone screen repair

Ans: Yes, due to generation and loss of heat, the cracked screen can drain the phone battery.

Answer: You can follow my contact us page or Phone call.

Answer: Sure, You can also fix iPhone broken screen.

Answer: Cost depends on your Phone repair.

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