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Techysave Cell Phone Protection Plans

Are you looking for Techysave cell phone protection plans? Every year, 50+ million smartphones break, the repair cost of a smartphone is $500+ which is not easy to cover and the cost that you spend to replace a damaged phone is $1000+.

One out of five cell phones will lose, stolen, or damaged this year. When an accident happens, the Techysave phone protection plans will cover your damage. You can save your money if you want to repair or replace your useful cell phone.

In this post, you have to understand Techysave cell phone protection plans, how to benefit from Techysave cell phone protection plans, and also understand cheap Cell phone protection Plans and Pricing to protect your valuable cell phone.

Techysave Cell Phone Protection plans

Techysave’s mission is to help smartphone owners by providing them the facility of protection plans for cell phones. 2 in 3 smartphone owners face some type of damage when using cell phones.

  • Cracked screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Battery failure
  • Touchscreen failure
  • Speaker/audio failure
  • Charging port failure

When you faced a smashed screen, dead home button, bad charging port, or just plain broken phone, we’ll make them right. Techysave cell phone protection plans enhanced your device security.

If you consider our cellphone protection plans, get peace of mind for every “oops”.

Techysave Device Protection plans are divided into 4 categories based on devices. The plans are student, single, family, and business plans. Look at the following section for a better understanding.

Name of Plan Student Plan Single Plan Family Plan Business plan
Number of Devices Cover one mobile device Cover one mobile device or tablet Cover up to 4 devices Cover up to 10 devices
Monthly Fee $5.99 $7.95 $29.99 $69.99

Compared Techysave Cell Phone Protection Pricing with Others

Techysave cell phone protection pricing is totally different from other phone insurance companies. Look at the following table to understand which cell phone protection plan is suitable for protecting your smartphone.

Comparison Allstate AT&T Cox Mobile Verizon T-Mobile Techysave
Price Per Month $8.99 (single plan) $17 (per mobile) $15 (per mobile) $15 and servicing fees $15 and an Extra fee $7.95(single plan)
Price Over 12-Month Period $108 $204 $180 $180+extra fees $180+ extra fees $83.40
Repair Cost $99-300 $99-300 $75-$300 $75-$300 $75-$300 $39.99-$129

(per mobile)$15 (per mobile)$15 and servicing fees $15 and an Extra fee$7.95(single plan)Price Over 12-Month Period$108$204$180$180+extra fees$180+ extra fees$83.40Repair Cost$99-300$99-300$75-$300$75-$300$75-$300$39.99-$129

Techysave Cell Phone Protection Plans Benefits

Techysave cell phone protection plan benefits are a great chance for the smartphone owner. The members of Techysave membership club can enjoy the benefit of cellphone protection plans. The member benefits are:

  • Techysave cell phone protection plans protect any phone old or new.
  •  Cover same-day repair in most areas, like in-home repair or in-mail repair.
  •  Members enjoy 75% off on all tempered glass screen protectors.
  • They enjoy 25% off, accessories.
  • Covers an Unrepairable phone replacement.
  • Covers Loss & Theft Protection.
  • The repair fee is covered by $39.99.
  • Replacement smartphones provide 10% extra pay from the wholesale price.


We are at the end of our post on Techysave Cell Phone Protection Plans. We focus on how to decide the best cellphone protection plan. And the benefits of phone protection plans. Now, it is your time to select affordable cell phone protection plans like Techysave smartphone protection plans. Thanks for reading the post.

Techysave Cell Phone Protection Plans FAQs

  1. What is a cell phone protection plan?

Ans. Cell phone protection plan is phone insurance that covers situations like lost, damaged, and stolen. It also covers cracked screens, Touchscreen failures, and Charging port failures.

  1. Is phone protection plans worth it?

Ans. Definitely, phone protection plans have great importance. It can save money from your pocket money and use the money to cover the situation like lost, damaged, and stolen.

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